Features that come with every package include:

  • Report on the compliance overview
  • Identification of Gap areas
  • Alignment identification with the dimensions of competency
  • Statistics
  • Phone Support
  • Linked Mapping

Why Our clients love Valid8Ed

Organisations that design, develop and use assessments across Australia love how Valid8Ed removes the stress from the validation process, saves literally $1000’s off of the cost of compliance, and can pin point exact areas of noncompliance to provide clear improvement action whilst providing the team statistical data for decision making on resource use.

The cost of noncompliance related to assessment

ACPET documented, back in 2014, that RTO’s were struggling with compliance in assessment over 70%, and as an industry vocational training and assessment we are still struggling with this area.

ASQA, still, identify non-compliance in assessment processes as a high risk area.

Congratulations! Your compliance is made easier